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Fiber Opening Machine

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Hybrid Carding Machine

Fine Fiber Opening Machine Standard Fiber Opening Machine

Standard fiber opening machine, opens Poly-fibers and makes it ready for filling. Space saving ergonomic sizes, and low energy consumption, Can manage between 1000 and 1500 kg/H high Silicone Polyester Fiber Opening capacity.

Fiber Opening Machine is produced in 3 Models, as S1000 With 1000 kg./Hour , S1200 with 1200kg./Hour., S1500 with 1500 kg./Hour. You can open all type of fibers with this machine, which provides 100% performance ability to maintain the softness and hollowness of the material.

Pillow Filling Machine Pillow Filling Machine

Automatic 2 Nozzle Pillow Filling Machine is mainly used for pillow, cushion filling with normal opened polyester fiber and micro fiber and bead fiber.

Whole line can be handled by only one operator and can fill any size and shape pillows with it's unique design. The whole line is controlled by Siemens PLC program, Energy saving motors. Anti-stuck system is arranged to the fine opening machine which will be self-protected All electrical key parts are adapted by the most famous world brands

Hybrid Fiber Opener and Ball Fiber Machine Hybrid Silicon Fiber Opener

Hybrid Fiber Opener Machine is able to open fibers and also makes ball fiber. This machine is mainly used to make the raw material fiber to the ball fiber which used to fill pillow, cushion and garment etc

can be handled by only one operator adjusted by PLC control system according to different system proposal requirement, Metal separator by magnet system, Electrical metal alarm system, Adjustable frequency according to different fiber types

Pillow Pressing Machine

Sack Filling

Jacket & Plush Filling

Fiber Ball Machine Pillow Pressing and Sealing Machine

Pillow Pressing Machine is used for packing finished pillows and make them ready for shipping in small cargo volumes. Putting pillow in a plastic bag, will be vacuumed and sealed. Adjustable pressing capacity with automatic plc control unit. Double hand starting buttons to protect hands.

Sizes of Models: P1: 60x100cm. - P2: 90x100cm. - P3: 100x120cm. Voltage: 380V. / 50 Hz. - Pressure: 0,5 Cubic Mt. - 8 Bar. Power: 1Kw. - Weight: 350kg.

Sack Filling Machine Sack Filling Machine

Sack filling unit is one of the most important component for savings in the Employment Cost. The carded materials is being filled into the sacks in the demanded weights through an integrated automation system.

7,5 KW power with 300kg / Hour, Fiber ball filling, storage performance

Fiber Ball Opener Machine Feather & Fiber Filling for Toys

Plush Toys and Jackets Filling Machines, Two different size for requested capacity. Self stirring and fast filling machine for toys and jackets. Can fill all materials. Also can be used as a part of automation and integrated with other fiber processing machines.

Two operator can work at same time at two nozzles. CM-TF1 and CM-TF2 has different capacities.