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We offer high quality and best solution machines for your cloth manufacturing, and Recycling of Apparels.
We will offer best machines that will fit to your work.



Understanding your requests and offering special solution for your factory



Producing the best textile machinery and spare parts in Turkey



Experience more than 20 Years in Clothing Machinery

Our Machines

We are offering top quality and smart machinery for Apparel Manufacturers and Home Textile. Apparel and Textile Wastes Recycling Fiber Producing Machines, Carding Machines, Non-woven fabric manufacturer machines, Pillow Filling Machines, Pillow Pressing and Packing Machines, Pillow Sewing Machines, Cotton Fiber and Ball Fiber Processing Machines,Sack, Quilt, Toy,Jacket Filling Machines, Jeans Washing Machines, Jeans Sanding and Spraying Machines, Toy and Jacket Filling Machines, Fiber Ball Opener and Storage Machines, Knitting Machines, Embroidery Machines, Linking Machines, Press Machines.
Including efficiency and performance measuring software and PLC Systems.

pillow, toy and jacket filling machines Pillow and Toy Filling Machines

We offer best performing machines for textile industry

Pillow Filling Machines, Bale Opener, Fiber Ball Opener, Sack Filling and Subsidiary Machines.

Linking Machine For Knitwear Linking Machine

Sewing and Linking Machines, Subsidiary for Knitwear Production. Developping machines and softwares in line with your production and increasing performance.

Apparel Waste & Textile Recycling Machine Apparel Waste Recyling Machine

Apparel & Textile Wastes Recyling Machines, Converting Apparel wastes into fine fibers for Thread/Yarn manufacturing, quality fibres.

Carding and Recyling Apparels into fibers.

Our Business

We are working with valuable craftsman, teams and R&D personel to develop better machines with most efficiency in Turkey Istanbul.
We have a proffesional technical team which can give service all over the world, for assembly, disassembly and move of machineries. Our Factory is in Izmir Industrial Zone which is close to Port.

We can offer Buttons and Accessories Attaching Machines, Apparel Waste Recyling Machines,Pillow Filling Machines, Toy & Jacket Filling Machines, Jeans Washing Machines, Jeans Spraying and sanding machines, Health Masks Producing Machines, Non-woven Fabric Manufacturing Machines, Fiber Ball Opener Machine, Bottom Hemming Sewing & Folding Machines, Linking Machines for Knitwear, Labeling Machines, Performance Measuring Systems, Steam Generators, Pillow and Toy Filling Machinery Systems, Sewing Machines, Pressing and Ironing Machines.

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